What People are Saying About Geneviève…

“Gen you made this experience one of the most positive possible for us. We went in nervous and scared because of our previous encounter with an agent and immediately you had us comfortable and ready to go. Your advice was valuable and you were out there every day working for us. We loved seeing that. Unfortunately the only negative thing I have to say is that I have no negative things. Thanks again.”
Shanna & Nick Frape

“Finding a realtor is not always easy, but when I found Gen, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Gen answered all my questions on buying a new home, mortgage, fee’s, land tax, lawyers and the process of selling my home. Putting your home and future home in the trust of another became reassuring after speaking with Genevieve. I would recommend her to all my friends, family and business contacts.”
Derek Adhiya

“Geneviève is extremely professional, dedicated and in love with what she does. My husband and I are relocating to the Toronto area from Alberta and Geneviève took me around many homes. Finally we stumbled on the perfect area for us. Genevieve goes the extra mile (in this case miles) to help her clients. Thanks to Gen, we’ll be in our new home in January.”
Natalie & Grant Wickenberg

“Gen is a wonderful agent that is caring and attentive to her clients.”
Home Designs – Canadian Certified Staging Professional

“Geneviève did a fantastic job for us!  She helped us buy the home we wanted and within a week our place was sold.  She was always 100% on our side ready to fight for us and even went out of her way to set up the home inspection for us and was even willing to call and work out a utilities issue.  She was available around the clock and was always at hand to answer questions or offer advice.  Thank you Geneviève you helped make this process not so scary!”
Emma & Giovanni Duran-Gomez

“Geneviève was patient and enthusiastic.  When a problem arose, she diffused it quickly and effectively.  I am very happy with my experience.”
Alexis Baksi

“I had a great experience with Gen to lease my house so I referred her to another friend of mine.  Gen, I appreciate your kind help.  Thanks”
Woo Soo & Bo Mi Kim

“Our real estate agent got promptly in touch with us from day one and gave us a lot of tips on dos/don’ts for selling our property. All properties that we were showed matched our desires, meaning that our agent did a very diligent job in searching a property. Our agent found us a home, not a property.”
Roberto Cardenas Espinosa & Adriana Ceballos Carrillo

“Genevieve is very responsive and capable of quickly figuring out what the best home is. Thus saving us on trips to homes we would definitely would not consider even to look at.  Thanks!”
Kathy & Kris Bednarski

“Honestly you could not have made the entire process more efficient! You were always on top of everything, answered my questions quickly and just rocked! I had no idea that this service was available for renters, I assumed Realtors were only for buyers/sellers! I was proven very wrong and could not be happier! Thank you so much for making this so easy and just being pure awesomeness!”
Penny Waite